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Melissa Miniatures Design Collection

All that girls that love Melissa shoes can talk abut here un Brazil is about the Melissa Miniatures Design Collection.

It’s a five model collection, all iconics and designed by great worldwide renowned designers. The Campana shoe is the same one that came in the Easter egg we talked about here.

The photoshoot was live instagramed by the Cartel 011, and it was love at first sight. Myself included. So I went to Galeria Melissa São Paulo to take a closer look into these babes. And, of course, took some pictures of them.


The miniatures are exactly the same shape as the real ones. It’s quite impressive! They are made with the same jelly material (despite it seems more like acrylic), which means a perfect miniature.

The miniatures also come in a special box that tells the story of that model’s designer, and also one limited edition black acrylic pedestal, so it can be exposed, just like the pictures above. It’s also important to say that only the Zaha Hadid model come as a pair; the other ones come just the right foot.

I don’t need to say that I wanted all of them, right? but, as I could choose just one, I chose the one that I always wanted in “real size” but I could never find it on my size.

As soon as I left the store, I made a click of my brand new miniature of Melissa Zaha Hadid at the new facade of Galeria Melissa de São Paulo, that is already in the Eat My Melissa collection theme.


So far the miniatures are just for sale at the Galeria Melissa São Paulo, and in the next months will be for sale all over Brazil. We have no information about sales outside the country, but my guess is that Galeria Melissa Nova York must sell them too.

Where? At Galeria Melissa São Paulo (see here)
How much: R$59,90 (about US$30)

What do you think about them? Aren’t they lovely?

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