melissa comme des garçons

new Collab: Melissa Comme Des Garçons!

Hi everyone! How are you?

I must say that I’m happily surprised. Last Saturday, watching Paris Fashion Week runaway shows, a new collab hit me with surprise: Melissa Comme des Garçons!

I could barely believe it! Melissa Shoes during a Paris Fashion Week show? It’s like a dream come true, specially in a unique brand as Comme des Garçons. What a debut!

Melissa Comme des Garçons

One model was created exclusive for the brand, as a special request from Rei Kawakubo herself. Two shades were showed – a matte black and black with sawdust details.

One thing that is curious to say is that all the models in the catwalk were using Melissa Comme Des Garçons with socks, matching the trend of using socks with shoes.

And one more thing to say: different styles were presented on the runaway, and the shoe fitted them all, in all their different shapes and colors.

Melissa Comme des Garçons

No information regarding the sale of this model was revealed – and I must say I’m dying that it hits the stores soon! My guess? It’ll be a limited edition shoe collection. At least it’s what I’m hoping for!

What do you thing about this collab?


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