Melissa x Karl

It’s all over the world: the partnership between Melissa Shoes and Karl Lagerfeld is one of the most popular topics of this year in the fashion industry.

Some people loved the models, some people hated, some people expected more. But, as a sketch is just a sketch, we don’t know how exactly is the model until we see it – personally or through real pictures of it.

As the readers had lots os doubts, I decided to translate the notes of Karl at the sketchs, that are in French. Dre (my husband) and I had a hard time of working to pic some words, but we got it. Here are the comments on the Melissas sketchs (in Portuguese)!

Incense + Karl Lagerfeld

This model is called Incense, that will have an ice-cream application in the heel. The ice-cream cone is matte and the other parts will vary depend on the finish of the shoes, that was not specified. As Melissa Shoes has been launching matte and glossy shoes, we have both possibilities.

In th sketch is also written that there will be two different materials in the icecream. As the cone is matte, we have glitter as the ice-cream flavor.

Glam + Karl Lagerfeld


This model is called Glam.

The interior is matte, the out is glossy.

This model has three spheres at the shoe tip. They are chrome/bright/glittered to create a futuristic view of this model, that Melissa shoes already launched before and now gets the Lagerfeld’s look.

Melissima + Karl Lagerfeld


This is a brand new model.

In the top draw we can see it from the top, showing how it will fit, and how the toes will be on it. It is pointed, in a pump style. More classic, Chanel style.

The collection Melissa + Karl Lagerfeld was first launched at Galeria Melissa New York on march 26th, and one day after at Galeria Melissa São Paulo. During São Paulo Fashion Week last march we could also see a preview before going out for sale. Soon you’ll see our impressions here.

Did you like it?

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