Save the Date: Galeria Melissa London!

Save the date, Londoners!

The first Melissa Galeria in Europe has a date for the big open: october 9th 2014.

After the big sucess of Galeria Melissa São Paulo and Galeria Melissa New York, the brand decided to open its first european concept store in London. And we couldn’t agree more!

Various designers from UK has teamed up with Melissa, as Gareth Pugh, Judy Blame, Julie Verhoeven and lady Vivienne Westwood. During the Olympics 2012, Melissa launched pop-up store at Convent Garden, the same place that the Galeria will take place, and was a huge success. And the Melissa style fits so well the londoner style.

The two floor store has 400 square meters, and has its project signed by Muti Randolph (who also signed the project for the Brasilian Galeria!). The place, an old bulding from the 18th century, is a pretty clear contrast of the old and the new (so London!), and has lots of interactive facilities. I’m pretty curious to see kinetic installation, with acrylic blocks that move in sync with the soundtrack. How awesome does it seem?


There’s a showroom in Milan, as we told here, but it’s not for the ordinary public. Now the plastic lovers at London can have the same shopping experience as at São Paulo and NYC.

Be ready!

Galeria Melissa London
43 King St., Convent Garden – London
When? From october 9th.

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