Plastic-O-Rama is back!

And after a pretty long time away from this blog… I’m back!

I was on a vacation with my husband for the last couple weeks, and when I came back home I just realized how I miss so bad share my thoughts and ideas in English. For those who don’t know , I’m a Brazilian living in Sao Paulo. English is a my second language 🙂

Since is a new beggining for this blog, a make over was necessary. Now we have a more clean responsible layout, that is pretty much the way I see life. And the girl with the pink hair is not only regarding the bubblegum color – my hair is actually pink right now.

Well, I have some content already prepared to fill this blog, so you will see lots os fresh content in the next weeks. I’m so excited! Melissa shoes had done a lot of cool stuff – and I was part of a some of them -, and that means we have a lot to talk about!

So don’t forget to follow me on my Instagram and Facebook accounts. On those accounts, as on this blog, all posts will be in English. For Portuguese you can check my other blog,

That’s it for today! More coming soon. And I’ll finish this post with an amazing pic I took on Lincoln Memorial, at Washington DC.

Thanks for you your support 🙂



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